Monday, 9 November 2020

How to not care how others think of you

How to not care how others think of you

It is natural for us to want to be liked and loved by the people around us. We all are developing to be different and unique individuals. We have our own opinion and style. People around us are not always going to be accepting and kind. That is the bitter truth. 

If we focus too much on being appreciated by everyone it is going to be very stressful, because it is next to impossible. When we desire it too much, we are going to hinder the growth of our authentic self. 

So how do you not care what others think? 

  • Some people are going to dislike you and there is nothing you can do about it. There isn't a perfect world where one is liked by everybody.

  • When people are being mean they are usually projecting. (They feel about you the way they feel about themselves)

  • Trust few opinions only from trusted sources. Opinions that will help you grow and not make you restless.

  • Be around people who are more accepting and admire your authentic self.

  • You have one life, live it to the fullest and don't let how others think of you spoil another moment of your life.

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