Monday, 2 November 2020

Why do we ignore Red Flags in a Relationship?

Why do we ignore Red Flags in a Relationship?

A relationship is meant to be comforting and loving. When two people are in a relationship there is scope for individual growth as well as growth as a couple. 

Sometimes unknowingly or accidentally we enter relationships which might appear healthy, however various issues start emerging soon. 

Red flags are signs of danger. In relationships these dangers are lack of trust, lack of interest, cheating tendencies, abuse of various kinds namely physical, verbal or sexual, disrespectful behaviour, tendencies to pick up fights, constant criticism etc.

If we are in a relationship with a person who has shown red flags it can lead to several mental health issues. However, many of us see the red flags but choose to ignore them and continue to be in the relationship. Why does this happen? 

  1. We believe that something is better than nothing and we are afraid to be alone.

  2. We pay more attention to the "good times" and ignore their inconsistent patterns of behaviour.

  3. We believe them when they say they are going to change.

  4. We tell ourselves "it's not that bad" and focus on the person's positive behaviour.

  5. We suffer from low self esteem, believe this is how relationships should be and we don't deserve better.

  6. The pressure that society creates for one to be in a relationship, forces us to be in the unsuitable relationship even if we are unhappy.

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