Sunday, 30 May 2021

Scope in Psychology (My experience)

A common question I get asked is what was your journey like while you studied Psychology and what is the scope of Psychology in India. Here is a brief writing about my experience and what can you do if you take up Psychology as a subject. 

PSYCHOLOGY is my subject and it has been such an important part of my life, I am very biased. You can have a great career if you have interest in the subject, for that you can read general books on Psychology, articles etc. If you are already interested then great. Scope is very good.

The major fields are Clinical Psychology, Counselling Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Industrial Psychology, School/Education Psychology.

I am a Clinical Psychologist, you have to do Masters and Mphil after which you can get a license/registration to practice as a clinician with the clinical population. 

Counselling Psychologist you can be after you get a Masters degree, you can practice as a Counselling Psychologist but with Normal Population (unlike Clinical you cannot diagnose mental illnesses and work at a clinical setup)

If you are interested in Developmental Psychology, you need to get a course work done on Special Education, after which you can work as a special educator (children with Autism or other developmental disorders) scope is very good in this field. 

Educational/School after Masters you might need to get a special course work to get a registration to work as a school psychologist, scope is also good, but you need to be employed in a school etc, you can't work independently like the others.

Industrial Psychologist are employed in Industries, to be honest I am unsure if you can get a job directly after Masters, people I know who are working in an industrial set up pursued MBA after Masters. You apply for MPhil in Clinical Psychology after studying in any of the specialization in your Masters.

I have personally studied Developmental and then got an MPhil. If you are aiming to be a Clinical Psychologist you will have to study for 7 years post school :)

My friends with whom I have studied in MPhil are all employed and earning well. Academics is also an option where you get your PhD and teach in a college.

Wednesday, 30 December 2020

Important things you must do Last Day of the Year.

Write down all the important things you learnt this year. Small things to big ones. Today is a good day to reflect back and smile! :) 

Yes, there were bad days (like every year), but you survived them, healed and looked ahead. 
Pat yourself! 

Express Gratitude for all the things that went well, thank aloud for all the things that made you smile, supported you! 

Start making new year resolutions. Tell yourself that 2021 will be GOOD! 
It will have more positive thoughts, better people, new achievements and you will be your best self! 

Friday, 27 November 2020

How to be more Authentic and not let others affect you

How to be more Authentic and not let others affect you

Most of our behaviour is based on what others are going to think about us. Being a part of the society a lot of our actions and thoughts are derived from what we see and learn.

Our natural tendency would then be to fit in to what the society or other people would think as 'correct' or 'good'. Does that not stop us from being our authentic self? Yes it does. The less we focus on how others are going to think about us, the more authentic and true we are going to be. It is a blissful state to not think about what others think about us. How do we do it? 

  • The mean things that people say, they are saying it about themselves and not to you. 

  • Be true to yourself. Write down your beliefs, experiences and what you are learning from them. Try to perceive yourself though your own journey. 

  • The worst thing could be said in a beautiful manner. If someone is criticising you to bring you down instead of helping you grow. You do not need that information.

  • Someone's mean words are in their head and their feelings. It will never affect YOU adversely if you don't let it. Something to think about! 

  • You have one life! Eliminate the toxic sources that bring you down. Trust your intuition. You are growing every second. You are living through your journey and nobody else can feel what it is like to be you. 

Monday, 23 November 2020

Understand Bullies and How to Deal with them

Understand bullies and how to deal with them

Bullies are people who deliberately seek to harm or intimidate those who they understand as vulnerable. People can be bullied from very early school days or even face similar situations later in their life at work place and family life. 

Bullies can be abusive verbally or physically. Teasing, shaming, hitting, punching or taking away things such as money, food etc. 

The person who is getting bullied can suffer from stress, low confidence, fear, inability to concentrate, worry, poor appetite and sleep. 

Understanding bullies:

  • People who bully have experienced or are experiencing stressful or traumatic situations themselves. 

  • People who bully suffer from low self esteem. Bullying helps them mask their actual feelings and get attention from others. 

  • Bullies often believe that by bullying others they can feel stronger and safer from other bullies. 

In order to deal with bullies:

  • Be very calm and seek help from someone who can understand the situation. 

  • Never show the bully that you are afraid or affected by their behaviour. This will reinforce the bully to intimidate you again. 

  • Don't try to fight back. If they say "you are stupid!", say " Yes, we all are stupid at times, you are right " and walk away.

  • Don't take bullies personally. The mean things they do or say are not meant for you. The bullies are also fighting a battle. However, don't let them bring you down.

Monday, 16 November 2020

How Journaling can improve your Life

How Journaling can improve your Life

The benefits of journaling are endless. You can write about your daily life, your goals and dreams, express gratitude, find solutions for your difficult life situations, give non judgmental space to your thoughts. 

Journaling helps reduce stress, uplifts mood, improves memory and strengthens our emotional functions. 

Benefits of journaling:

  • Documenting little things about your daily life is a celebration of who you are. 

  • A safe space for you to create, express and find yourself. 

  • Once you start writing about your life you can figure out what's important for you and what's not. 

  • It will help you slow down, observe your thoughts and help you find the positivity within yourself. 

  • You can look back, reflect on the challenges you faced and honour your progress and success.

Monday, 9 November 2020

How to not care how others think of you

How to not care how others think of you

It is natural for us to want to be liked and loved by the people around us. We all are developing to be different and unique individuals. We have our own opinion and style. People around us are not always going to be accepting and kind. That is the bitter truth. 

If we focus too much on being appreciated by everyone it is going to be very stressful, because it is next to impossible. When we desire it too much, we are going to hinder the growth of our authentic self. 

So how do you not care what others think? 

  • Some people are going to dislike you and there is nothing you can do about it. There isn't a perfect world where one is liked by everybody.

  • When people are being mean they are usually projecting. (They feel about you the way they feel about themselves)

  • Trust few opinions only from trusted sources. Opinions that will help you grow and not make you restless.

  • Be around people who are more accepting and admire your authentic self.

  • You have one life, live it to the fullest and don't let how others think of you spoil another moment of your life.

Monday, 2 November 2020

Why do we ignore Red Flags in a Relationship?

Why do we ignore Red Flags in a Relationship?

A relationship is meant to be comforting and loving. When two people are in a relationship there is scope for individual growth as well as growth as a couple. 

Sometimes unknowingly or accidentally we enter relationships which might appear healthy, however various issues start emerging soon. 

Red flags are signs of danger. In relationships these dangers are lack of trust, lack of interest, cheating tendencies, abuse of various kinds namely physical, verbal or sexual, disrespectful behaviour, tendencies to pick up fights, constant criticism etc.

If we are in a relationship with a person who has shown red flags it can lead to several mental health issues. However, many of us see the red flags but choose to ignore them and continue to be in the relationship. Why does this happen? 

  1. We believe that something is better than nothing and we are afraid to be alone.

  2. We pay more attention to the "good times" and ignore their inconsistent patterns of behaviour.

  3. We believe them when they say they are going to change.

  4. We tell ourselves "it's not that bad" and focus on the person's positive behaviour.

  5. We suffer from low self esteem, believe this is how relationships should be and we don't deserve better.

  6. The pressure that society creates for one to be in a relationship, forces us to be in the unsuitable relationship even if we are unhappy.

Scope in Psychology (My experience)

A common question I get asked is what was your journey like while you studied Psychology and what is the scope of Psychology in India. Here ...